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Technology has transformed how we do our jobs. Employees collaborate from around the world to complete projects. Your staff can access confidential files with the click of a button. Are you keeping up with the demands of this modern workforce — while staying secure?

See how technology is impacting your workforce, and how Insight will help you make the most of it to help your business run smarter.

Expectations are increasing.

Your success hinges on collaboration. Devices will be expected to work together seamlessly in the modern working world. Technology that connects the workforce is key to achieving your business goals and gaining a competitive edge.

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are expected to be connected by 2020.2


of siloed digital
transformation initiatives

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The workforce is changing.

The gig-based economy is here, and the more seamless the technology, the happier and more productive workers are.

But fewer than 25% of workers are pleased with their current Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution.6 Your business plan must account for seamless technology that can improve productivity.

Security is key —
and there’s a big
need for it.

80% of CIOs are involved in security initiatives to a greater degree than they have been in the past.7

With greater connectivity comes greater risk, and chief information officers are working to address those risks more than ever before.

Remote workers are susceptible to security breaches — and bouncing back from one isn’t easy or cheap. Using network access control, mobile app reputation services and malware content control are key for IT leaders to mitigate risks.

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How prepared are you to enable your workers to perform better?

Think about your own workforce enablement strategies. How much do you agree with these statements? We’ll help you assess your business today and drive future growth.

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We’re providing workers with a convenient, seamless and secure user experience across systems.

Not at all    Somewhat    Very much

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Our most important business applications and collaboration tools are easy to use and flexible enough to adapt to our changing business needs.

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Ready to drive your workforce forward?

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